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Tubies  For  Fun

This tube gives a smooth ride over the water, along with great lateral movement.

This 3 rider tube gives you a thrill, because the riders lay down on the tube and you are close to the water.

This 1 person tube is great for slalom riding in the wakes, fun for children and adults.

This 2 person tube is very unique, where the riders are opposite to each other, when the tube starts going, it spins round and round, most people do fall off it, but very fun.

This 2 person tube gives you a smooth ride over the water, good for children and adults, does not tip over.

This 4 person tube is fast on the turns, bouncing ride and some riders do fall off.

This 2 person tube has great lateral movement, corners the turns well, you do get some air time with this, not for everyone.

This 1 person tube is an adrenaline rush to say the least, not for the faint of heart, the rider is inside and when the tube starts the turn in the water, you spin very fast, most riders do fall off, not for everyone

This 3 person tube is a great ride, you do bounce up and down a bit, the only caution is when coming into a turn, all the riders must lean at the same time into that turn, if not then everyone falls off, very fun ride.

This 1 person tube has a wing shape design, you can lay down on it or sit up to give you a more thrilling ride.

This tube can be for 3 children or 2 adults, very good ride,where you can sit or kneel and be towed the other way with front and rear tow points, does not tip over very often.

This 4 person tube gives you a rush on the water, where two riders sit in front and the other 2 riders kneel behind, great on the turns and also gets some air time.

This 2 person tube is like riding a jet-ski, if gives the riders a low sense of gravity on the water, great for trick riding.

Here is just one of the party islands, that I bring for the adults and it is free to use.

This 1 or 2 person tube is great for lateral tricks and some air.

This is the Sea-Doo Aqua Fly, one person tube that you can kneel or lay down, a lot of good water tricks you can do from this tube.

This is a 5 person Banana Boat, lots of fun and it really bounces up and down, pretty stable on the water, for young and old.

This is a very rare and flying water tube called the Flying Fish, there can be one to six riders, depending on the day and wind, this tube does fly off the water, people must sign a waiver, before going on the tube, as it is very unpredictable and people do fall off,so this way I will not be liable with my insurance, if something does happen to someone, there has been no injuries reported from using this water tube at present, this is my most radical water tube I have.